Video Production Services

Developing Eye Catching Visual Stories to Boost your Sell

Whiteboard Videos | 2D Animation Videos | Presentation Videos | Typography Videos

No doubt, Brand – based videos are the new-age marketing means which has an absorbing outcome on targeted customers. Our videos help them to watch as well as read if both mediums are available. The prime thing to grab the attention of the customer is through a short but meaningful and leading message which is realized by a video.

Some Facts Promoting Video Marketing:

  • Watching videos boosts the familiarity level of users by 70%
  • More than 60% user believe that watching videos powers their buying procedure
  • 4 billion+ YouTube videos users are watched daily by user
  • Users have short span of attention these days – A video assists telling the entire brand story in that short time as contrast to text

Expert video production will assist you boost your customer – appointment and carry more leads and sales!
Soft Website develops bespoke Explainer Videos that are a right reflection of your brand, simple to understand and assist you connects to the audience lovingly!

Our team helps in creating stronger bonds with customers driven towards boosting traffic to your website. Our videos are planned with special and systematically researched video marketing policies, professional quality videos and at the same time Video SEO process.

What We Create?

Whiteboard Videos – they are most admired and powerful interpreter videos utilized to tell a story of a brand. The videos comprise include the handover of the illustrator making the characters as well as objects as story shifts. Such videos are highly useful in clarifying a procedure or system related to a service or even production, or related to the brand in an artistic and attractive way.

2D Animation Videos – designed with 2D animation characters, such videos need color illustrations as well as animated process to assist in explaining and calls ideas to life. Theoretical and creatively provocative, 2D Animation videos are simply ideal for a short-time brand story narration.

Presentation Videos – they are sometimes known as slider videos and offer a short and comprehensive look into a perspective business as well as ideas, providing customers a look into what the business conveys.

Typography Videos – here, the story telling is completed through textual messages. Engaging and creative motion graphics are utilized to make a concise and visually tempting account of technical and abstract ideas.

Process of Video production services:

Business Research – ahead of starting, our team of experts sits down and talks with you totally to find a full closeness of your brand, products, service and even marketing objective.

Script designing– We examine, and write a brief and creative, new script for your thought, structured consequently.
Storyboard development – The most significant prospective of video production where the team draw round the characters, comprehensive of actions and switch.

Illustration – After that, we develop the visuals and graphics that can be utilized in the video.

Voice-Over – the professional audio artist, in special British and American accent that are recorded by a Male or Female as demanded by the client.

Animation-Process – it get completes after all the graphics and illustrations are all set.

Music – We combine seamless, comforting and best quality pleasing track to the video, combines with SFX.


The expert team having years of experience in video creation includes breathtaking scriptwriters, illustrators, 2d animators, and video production specialists, all doing their job under a single crown. They are professional in their particular scale and are constantly on the guard for inspiring story introduction – exploring as well as innovating.

Don’t wait anymore, start today to unlock a wonderful business potential to bring the attention of your business in the global market.