SMO Services

Soft Webpage is an experienced SMO services provider company who are aimed to develop and promote brand identity for your online business. The friendly SMO services assist to endorse your business in the quicker way of marketing completed with the help of social media circuits such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, to call traffic to your website. We are paying attention on the online marketing and brand structure for our clients. We join client’s web portal to different well-liked social networking sites and other group’s websites and perform outstanding online promotion.

The prime aim of SMO can be to boost the awareness about the brand awareness, assist consumers in making right decision on buying a service or product, give after sales services and assistance.

SMO Process

Get better understanding of the promotional activities as well as techniques engaged in SMO process are:

Blogs Icon Blogs

Blogs or Blog community is an online Internet pages and Journal linked to a specific topic which is of attention to either common of the surfers or is on a specific area topic which is targeted to a particular spectators. Submission of a blog is known as “blogging” and the one who does it is known as “blogger”. Blogs find their bulk of the traffic with the help of search engines which can elegantly be diverted to a specific website for the purpose of marketing.

Forum Icon Forums

An Internet forum which is also known as a message board is simply an online discussion site, where registered group to that forum distribute some important information or even ideas. The forum topics can differs from caring babies to how to run a business among others. Forums assist people to share their view and hence it turns a highly interactive form of promotion in a right way.

Video Icon Video Submission

With the diffusion and development of Internet and broadband services crossways the world, checking videos has turned simple like never before. One can look for videos of his choice offered on the internet and obtain him / her entertained, cultured or attentive about a specific topic quite friendly.


By providing videos to different social sites such as YouTube the marketer finds a possibility to grab the best concentration of the targeted users. Videos for social media marketing can be Product demo, TV commercials, or videos education and users related to service or product.

News Icon News / Press Release Submission

PR submission or News submission on different News and PR websites have proved to be quite useful approach to create brand alertness or brand promotion. Users all over the world visit the sites to find news on different topics which are of attention to them. However, submitting News or Press releases, it is better to provide utmost significance to the Heading, as heading assists the users to final on where and on what to click.

Article Icon Article Submission

Articles can be classified as Viral marketing practice and an Article published in one site can be republished by some others user by offering the credits to the lawful owner. An article not just assists to find direct traffic but also assists to boost SERPs due to the backlinks established from the articles. Original articles are always endorsed by the Search Engines like Google and Bing.

Soft Webpage’s core proficiency lies in our widespread research and learning of your industry trends, user’s performance and competition study that leads us in selecting the finest social media platform for your company.