SEO Services

The soft web page is one of the best SEO companies that have the in-depth proficiency in SEO to make your website visible on top Google Ranking. Advancement of technology has turned search engine optimization a dynamic procedure, and it is constantly evolving, thus, one can describe it a developing science. SEO speaks about a process of developing a website familiar and responsive to Search Engines. At the Soft web page, we make your brand visibility our innate accountability and struggle to support your social links through best and principled SEO services in India. We employ intentional planning and positioning to strengthen your brand presence internationally and give the required impetus to calls upon the rankings.

Why should I opt for the SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimisation is an important feature of your marketing techniques; it boosts the presence of the website in Search Engines organic results. SEO is quite affordable and a long-term online marketing policy for your business web portal. SEO calls for new clients, opportunities, and creating your brand on the internet with long term advantages.

How much budget should I have in terms of getting high ranking on Google?

SEO is surely a wonderful investment having long-term advantages for your online business. Soft web page, an SEO Company in India offer affordable charges per month, but as all the companies and necessity differ regarding target market, position, and budget. Therefore, we have composed special SEO plans regarding every of our client in mind. We do have personalized programs depend on the particular needs.

How much time will it take to find the improvements?

Every expert advice you to choose a complete 6 Months SEO plan to find out the better and constant results, but generally, you can find good results in next three months of SEO, you can be able to observe the significant developments, as well will find the improvements in online ranking in first month SEO execution.

How can we be competent to calculate that SEO is working?

SEO consume some time in showing the complete impact of the job completed. Our team would be sharing the constant updates on a weekly basis as well as the ranking development report and natural traffic report from the starting first month, where you can be capable to observe if the things are working appropriately or not.

What is the real maintenance fee for SEO?

The soft web page is one of the finest SEO Companies in India, and you will find professional services from us everywhere. According to the size of the campaign, we can approach with the finest fixed-price or hourly outlay for protection.

Somebody told me that SEO is not working, it’s all end?

We are quite familiar with the process of Search Engines as well as their Quality Guidelines. SEO will definitely not be going to die! Simply Search Engines making themselves even advanced as well as better. The team of professional is focusing more on generating more traffic, sales/inquiries with the help of organic methods to your website execution our best SEO techniques. We never give you guarantee to make your website visible on the 1st position on Google, moreover, we make sure you for increased appropriate traffic, sales and better rankings on 1st and even 2nd page of Google on targeted and similar related keywords.

Are you up to date with latest algorithm changes?

It is a known fact that Google makes changes to the search algorithm more than 500 times in a time period of a year. We at Soft Webpage – an SEO Company dedicated to the Search Quality Guidelines and follow the quality strictly. We have a complete proof record having zero penalties on our assigned projects even we assisted a number of the businesses with the penalties due to algorithmic modifications and let their websites to come back to the track.

How will you get our SEO rankings?

Our SEO program is completely planned to cover different portal of your website to optimize it related Off-page, On-page, as well as Technical factors. Competitors analysis pursued by Keywords research is our two main primary activities which graph the rest of the policy for any movement. Performing a strong On-page and Technical SEO is completed by building quality appropriate links make us positive to get better SEO rankings of any web portal.

How would I be able to recognize that what modifications you are carried out on my website?

We form every small transform after your endorsement just. Our tech team will notify you about modification we wish to perform along with the logical grounds and post advantage of it.

How frequently will you report on your job?

We make use of the Project Management Tool particularly to keep our clients modern about the project status and simple and centralize message, and you will be invited to the similar once you are contacting with us. Our team will be in constant touch with you on our PMS and be sending revises weekly and at the conclusion of every month along with the total work completed.


It is one of the prime parts of our SEO policy, and our tech team offers a complete assurance to optimize your web portal to the maximum option regarding Technical Optimisation. Here, we are careful of your website possible by optimizing its technical element by getting better Navigation, Page Speed, Creating Sitemaps, Website search & user-friendliness, Mobile friendliness and robots.txt among others. It assists the site to turn into more effortlessly crawlable to the search engine bots and user-friendly to the actual time users or humans to steer through.


Throughout the On page optimization, we primarily focus on turning the design and content of your web portal to find search engine friendly by optimizing the Meta tags, Image Alt attributes, H1 & H2 implementation and internal linking among others. It implies to the techniques which can be engaged with a website to boost its rank. Meta-tags, headlines, internal links, descriptions, titles and link building among other are counted under on-page SEO.


Soft WebPage ideally uses the highly innovative off-page SEO techniques to find your website on the list of top rankings on various search engines. Off-page SEO optimization is normally performed outside of the website in order to find good quality as well as appropriate links. Off-page optimization comprises optimization of outer determiners. These issues cannot be managed through coding or even programming of a website. Outside factors include page rank, link popularity, page speed and optimization level among others.
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